NOTE: This is an opinion piece and does not necessarily reflect the views of any organization or person. This simple theory looks into a possibly of the future. Topics within this article were gathered from sources and reports around the internet.

Eventually, COVID-19 will no longer be a threat – how long until then really is uncertain at this time. But there is no doubt that the normalcy of the American way will dramatically change when we get rid of COVID-19. If the changes don’t occur, it may only set us up for even more failure if another crisis occurs. Let us remember that COVID-19 is just another strain of a family of coronaviruses meaning another COVID crises is very likely in the future of mankind. The time is a grim reminder that we must prepare or it will be significantly worse each time.

Say Goodbye to Handshaking and Hugs!

As a society, we need to get away from physically contacting people so much when greetings occur. Handshaking is probably one of the most significant ways to spread sickness. We really don’t know where that hand has been and we don’t often clean our hands immediately after handshaking and especially not before we essentially touch our faces, bite our nails and other ways of ensure germs enter our bodies. If we shy away from handshakes and hugs as a society, we will become a healthier society. And it’s nothing personal – I can provide comfort with smile and a nod the same way I can with a shake of a hand. Hugging should be reserved for close family, only. There is nothing wrong with refraining from spreading germs especially in the age of viruses and super flu illnesses.

Social Distancing become a Norm

It is my personal theory that social distancing will become more widespread and a normal habit. We really don’t need to be that close to one and other. Staying 6 feet away from one and other is a good idea. Eventually, I am sure we will engage in big groups again (but see the paragraph below) but keeping a distance away from fellow group members should become a norm. Remember, we can beat COVID-19 but another one will eventually come to be. We already know this with the flu which is often described to be more deadly but just doesn’t kill as many people in a short period of time as this virus does but the future of viruses may change that. Turning social distancing into a norm will effectively save people from dying in the future.

Physical grouping goes cyber!

It is no doubt that this is a time for cyber alternatives to make their way into the future. I got both my Master Degrees completely online. I learned just as much, if not more than traditional classroom students. I am a huge advocate of online schooling. It is cheaper, safer and just as effective. While I don’t disagree with traditional schooling – in terms of public health, I highly recommend a trend towards more online schooling efforts. The same goes for work meetings, family reunions and even funerals. Now everyone can participate even when they are unable to travel. I foresee online video conferencing and educational systems to significantly improve over the next couple of decades. The internet thus far has continued to stay afloat and fast when everyone in the world is pretty much using it. Our dependence on it, whether good or bad, will only increase after this is all said and done.

A New Age of Border Protection

It’s a controversial subject – protecting the border but after an age of COVID-19, I think border protection is going to be a subject that is frequently brought up. But it is no longer about foreign persons coming into the country; it’s about Americans, too! Anyone visiting another country, especially China (without trying to be stigmatic) will be subject to examination upon returning to the country. Travel spread was a big part of how COVID-19 became such a nightmarishly randomized crisis. There was no real tractability for this virus because of all the entry points into America being used by citizens with a legal right to enter the country. After this is all said and done – more thorough screening processes and non-invasive technological detection solutions will be required at all entries to all persons into the country, whether a citizen or not.

Public Health’s time to shine and Better Healthcare

After this virus is eradicated, it will be very likely that Public Health and departments that support it will shine even more than they have in the past. This is a chance for public health departments, programs and officials to not only become more involved in societal health improvement but an even greater opportunity to get more funding for community-based health programs. But the kicker to win the people over will be better healthcare coverage for all Americans. COVID-19 is going to change the outlook of Americans and the world on health as a whole. I feel like this might be the universal kick to the backside to finally get us all focuses on changing to better our health and improve our living conditions. However, we’re going to have to have a better healthcare system or more viruses like this will only annihilate our economic stabilization. The more people not spending their money in fear of not being to afford healthcare – there goes the economy and all the markets.

Social censorship, conspiracy theory witch-hunting and modern domestic terrorism!

COVID-19 has unfortunately brought out some of the worst type of human beings only interested in feeding from the fear of others whether for financial gain, attention or for more sinister reasons. We have seen some pretty bad worthless people out of this. We’ve seen people horde emergencies supplies and attempt to overprice the innocent. We’ve seen conspiracy theories so bad that people are attempting to destroy technology that will bring us into the future and overall improve our communication systems. And we have seen people be hunted down after threatening to purposely infect others with COVID-19. We’re all about freedom but conspiracies that cause mayhem need to be censored and controlled. Anyone who tries to use the internet to take advantage of people during a crisis has to be stopped quickly. And finally, purposely spreading a biological killer IS terrorism and it should be treated as such. You think it’s funny to cough all over food? Spend 5-10 years in prison for domestic terrorism and then tells us how funny it was.

It’s time for a change in Emergency Management!!!

9/11 was a failure. Katrina was a failure. COVID-19 was such a failure for everyone, both federal and state as well as local. We can’t keep waiting for the worst disasters to happen in order to learn lessons on how to be ready for the next time it happens. Because guess what? Another 9/11 didn’t happen… Another Katrina didn’t happen… But another COVID-19 could happen… It’s time to plan and really put a coordinated effort into it, a global effort. It’s time to integrate the world into emergency management because this is a test of people as a species entirely not just a society. We have to be prepared for crises and disasters of the future that will effectively be worse than what is happening as we speak. We defiantly need a whole framework focusing on global pandemics – that is for sure.

Balancing the good with the bad…

To end this article, I want to point out the good that is occurring from COVID-19 that I am personally witnessing. I just hope it continues after we beat this. I’ve seen children and their parents become closer and have dinner as a family again. That was becoming rarer and rarer. I also see the local communities really striving help everyone in the community. People in my community for example are 3D printing medical PPE for local hospitals which are gladly accepting donations. I also have witnessed even more people jogging, cycling and hiking than ever before, social distancing of course but still striving to be a healthier society. We must continue that as it will effectively help us beat these illnesses more and more. Obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, lung cancer – these underlying conditions can all be prevented (in most cases) with the type of change that is currently taking place as long as we keep it up.

Thank you for reading this article. Again, these are just theories that I’ve read about online. I’m sure you have seen them, too. I’m not trying to claim that this is going to happen but rather making a prediction if you will. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts as well especially if related to emergency management, public health, homeland security and/or continuity after COVID-19. Please feel free to share this article around and if you’re interested in becoming a contributor on this blog, please contact us, today!