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Emergency Management Blog
Emergency Management Blog

Emergency Management Blog was created by Shawn Gossman, a native of Southern Illinois. Shawn concentrates in developing his subject matter expertise in rural emergency management and public health.

Shawn has a Master of Science in Emergency Management, a MBA concentrating in Emergency Logistics and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Shawn has over 50 certifications through the FEMA Independent Study Program. This includes ICS, NIMS and the National Response Framework.

Shawn has experience in local emergency management, fire department administration and private-sector emergency management.

This Blog was created to be a collaborate effort between other professionals, academics, public safety officers, private sector officials and journalists with a passion for emergency management, public health, homeland security and/or continuity of operations. If you are interested in writing for this blog, please reach out and we would love for you to contribute.

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